Dark Woods Walk – December 6th 2018

We have decided to move our Dark Woods Walk from December 13th to December 6th as there are several things on (MacRobert visit also on 13th and the Christmas Carol singing at the Christmas Extravaganza is on the 12th).

Our plans remain to leave the Garages at 6pm and walk up to our playsite where we will have some time to play and also have a sausage sizzle, toast some marshmallows and have some hot chocolate to drink.

We will be back at the garages by 7:30 (or feel free to leave earlier if that would suit you better).

We would welcome all of our children as well as their parents and siblings. I would appreciate if you could let me know if you plan to attend so that I have numbers for catering purposes. Thanks Jane


Our children have been enjoying making pizza out of all sorts of things this week so we decided to end the week with the real thing. The children decided that pizza needed to have tomatoes and cheese (although there was a debate on whether it should be orange or white cheese) and some of the children were adamant that pepperoni was a must.

They enjoyed kneading and rolling the dough then spreading it with tomatoes. We grated the orange (cheddar) cheese and sliced the white (mozzarella) cheese and added to the pizza before sprinkling a little pepperoni – to taste – on the top.

We were very impressed with the results – “it tastes amazing” so we will need to make pizza again, perhaps trying some different toppings next time.