Monthly Archives: March 2018

Happy Easter

Playgroup will be closed on Friday March 30th for the Easter holidays. We will reopen on Monday April 16th. We hope you all enjoy the break, hopefully with some lovely spring weather.

Lending Library

Our playgroup is a learning community where our children are not the only learners. Our staff are continually learning along with the children, developing new understandings and allowing practice and thinking to evolve. We are committed to continuing professional development and regularly attend training and workshop sessions to support our children’s learning. We also encourage the developing early years workforce. We welcome early years trainees within our setting mentoring them and allowing them to gain experience.

Playgroups are traditionally supportive communities for young parents at a time in their lives when they are at risk of stress, anxiety and isolation. We also support parents in growing their parenting skills as well as their children. To this end we have created a lending library of a variety of books with information on child development, learning theories, activities and games. Some are on display in our playroom but please ask a staff member if you are interested in borrowing a book from the bookshelf