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Should children be able to read and write by age 4?

Shocked by this article which states there are concerns that children are starting school unable to read or write. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, it clarifies that this is at age 4! Thank goodness I live and work in Scotland where we are a little more in tune with children’s learning and development 🤷🏼‍♀️



Preschool Is Crushing Kids?

This article is US based but still very relevant. I love the suggestion that nursery (kindergarten) is now considered a gatekeeper checking who is ready and who is not to go to school when once it was the welcome mat encouraging children to cross into formal schooling.
I have often said that relationships are central to positive early years experiences and its one of the reasons I am so passionate about playgroup. At playgroup we have the advantage of significant parental inviolvement and of being very community focussed – both of which foster relationships between staff, parents and community as well as with children. Its a win win situation as far as I am concerned.
By its very name playgroup centres around children’s play – the way children are designed to learn – not on teaching and not on being the first step of the formal education ladder.
A child’s early years are short and we shouldn’t be wasting them by imposing our adult ideas of what their learning should look like.