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Woodland Play Sessions come to Cambusbarron Playgroup

We plan to begin a pilot of Woodland Play Sessions after Easter. In order to explain the need fro and benefits of such activities I will be holding an open evening on Thursday March 15th in the playroom in the community centre. I intend to have some photos and videos of the sort of things I would plan to do and to explain the rationale of the project. Ill have some resources, paperwork, leaflets, books etc available for reference and will be happy to answer questions etc.
This is a completely open meeting so everyone is welcome. I have the room booked from 7-9pm but am open to your input on what is the most convenient time for parents, so please just get back to me with what suits you best and I’ll try to go with the majority 😉


Equal Opportunities

I’ve been working my way through our set of policies, updating and revising. One I was looking at this week was about Equal Opportunities arising from the introduction of the 2010 Equality Act.

It set me thinking about how far we have come in terms of sexual equality. I hope that, for the 3 year olds I am looking after just now, it will be normal to have equal opportunities and that there won’t be jobs that women cant do or be expected to do. But, therein lies a problem. Equality shouldn’t just mean that women can aspire to the same roles as men, it should also mean that men aspire to the same roles as women.

The children I currently look after could be our future doctors, economists, lawyers and politicians. But will they also aspire to be early years workers? In my profession some 98% of the workforce are female. The role model currently being provided to our next generation is that women are the main nurturers and carers of young children. We might claim to promote equality but we are not demonstrating it.

The role of the early years professional, I think, is one of the most important there is. We have the task of supporting and shaping the next generation. Perhaps if more men thought of it that way they wouldn’t leave it all to the women 😉


Very proud and pleased to have completed the last of the Makaton for Professionals Enhancement workshops today. My brain is now bursting with the signs and symbols spinning round it. Its been such a good course though and made very enjoyable by tutor Karen (@makatoncentral) and my fellow classmates. Just got to keep putting it into pratice now!


OWLs Networking Weekend

I’ve had a lovely weekend meeting new people and learning some new skills. I attended workshops on loose parts and how many opportunities for learning they provide as well as how they fit so easily into our curriculum, the physics of fire (fascinating to watch but not one I’ll be doing at home!) and, probably my favourite, making my very own wand.