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Care Inspection Report

We are delighted to announce that, following an unannounced inspection by the Care Inspectorate last week, our service has been graded with 5 (Very Good) for both of the focus areas (Quality of Environment and Quality of Care and Support) under inspection.

The Inspector has particularly noted our community feel, sense of identity and belonging, our commitment to outdoor play and opportunities to explore the natural environment and also the way in which we encourage children to take positive risks in order to make informed choices and develop resilience. The full report can be read here

The woods in the winter

We had an amazing visit to the woods this morning. The temperature was -7 when we arrived to set up and still only -1 when we packed up to go home so it was a very challenging environment for our children. Rather than spend all our time in the camp we decided to go on an adventure. It was quite dark at our camp but we could see the sunshine hitting the tops of the trees. We decided to walk higher up the woods to see if we could find the sunshine. It was quite a trek but we found lots of really interesting things along the way. There are so many dens in our woods, we had a wee sit down in just about all of them. The cold weather had made amazing patterns in the woods, we spotted tiny icicles that looked fluffy and others that looked spiky.
We found the sunshine at the very top of the hill. There was a fantastic view so we got the binoculars out to see what we could see.
We walked back down the hill and saw so many different footprints – we spotted lots of different boots as well as some bike tracks and then even some doggy prints too.
Back at our camp site we cuddled up in our tent with some cosy stones, blankets, hot chocolate and a (few) biscuits. We have a request for jam pieces next week, not red jam though.

Early Years Expansion Survey

Our survey about how our service should look and run from August 2019 will close at the end of this week (from midnight Friday Dec 17th).

Pleae take some time to give us your views on how we should deliver the increased hours. There are many different options and we want to make sure as many people as are interested have the opportunity to say what they feel would best suit our children now and in the future.

The survey is not just for current, past and future users its for everyone to have their say. Please pass the word and link around.