Our Garden

We are very grateful to the Popular Institute of Cambusbarron for giving us money to make our garden look brighter. The children wanted lots of colour in their garden and so we chose plants that are red, pink, orange, yellow and blue. We spent today, aptly Outdoor Classroom Day, in the garden planting them. We now have 2 lovely trees, an apple and a pear, some very beautiful flowers and we are hoping for a great harvest from our vegetable plot too.


Woodland Playgroup Take 3

What a beautiful sunny day we had in the woods this morning! We are getting more confident in our play site now and working our way around it. Despite the sunshine there are still copious amounts of welly sucking mud to be negotiated. The burn remains a firm favourite and today’s potions included blackcurrant and orange juice, carrot soup with a parrot in it and a lovely black stone tea. We also love the tree swing and, despite it looking quite straightforward, its been interesting to see the children needing to persevere to get on to it. Of course, when they’ve expended all that effort its quite a lot to expect them to get off again so lots of patience needed for the waiting children too.