Welcome Back!

We were pleased to welcome our children back from the October holiday today and especially pleased to show them our newly redecorated room. We are still a long way from having the room completely finished but we are definitely getting there.

Tomorrow we are hosting the ladies from the Needle and Natter group for the Big Soup Share, we are excited to be making some soup, sandwiches and cakes for them.

We were keen to do some hammering today on the workbench – lots of great coordination and some very polite and empathetic comments (when my fingers got in the way of the hammer 🔨 🤭). Showing some very good teamwork as well as significant artistic talentwe worked together to create a beautful picture which we hung up in the garden.


It was very windy in the garden today, the children noticed the wind was blowing the leaves round and round, “its like a tornado” they told me. I tried to get a video of it but every time I went to take one the wind went away. “If you wait a wee bit longer it’ll come back” the children told me. I did and, eventually, I got a little bit of the tornado on film to show.








Vision, Values and Aims

Playgroup’s Vision, Values and Aims were created several years ago. We are looking at them now to see if they remain relevant and appropriate. We’d be grateful if you could add a comment below on what your think is our USP (Unique Selling Point). What makes playgroup different, what does it add to our community? We are looking forward to hearing thoughts from everyone in the community – not just parents with children at playgroup! I’m also happy to receive comments privately – just Email (jane@cambusbarronplaygroup.com) me if you’d rather

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October Break

Playgroup is now closed for the October break. We will re-open in our newly redecorated playroom on Monday October 22nd.

As we are well into the autumn season and, with the weather getting colder and wetter, we would be very grateful if parents can remember to send waterproofs and wellies with their children 🍁🍂🍂🌧🌬.

Our woodland play sessions will continue after the October break. Our next session will be on Thursday Oct 25th.